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May 29, 2005

U.S. Cell Phone Market Share

If you need the U.S. cell phone market share numbers, click through.

Standard & Poor’s claims 4 nationwide wireless operators will serve close to 85% of the US wireless subscriber base. Cingular Wireless has the top spot with 50 mln of the industry’s 180 mln wireless subscribers. Verizon Wireless is #2 with more than 43 mln subscribers, followed by the combined operations of Sprint and Nextel serving approximately 40 mln customers. T-Mobile USA is #4 with more than 17 mln subscribers. AllTel Wireless currently has 10 mln customers and will acquire Western Wireless and US Cellular with their 5 mln...

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US wireless customer base: Cingular - 50 mln, Verizon - 43 mln, Sprint - 40 mln

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